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to do list:
1. animation~~
2. draw refs for OCs
3. draw scenes from storeh
4. manga //kirakira

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Thanks so much to everyone who entered ;3;... now I know for a fact that I have VERY few active watchers  rofllll

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 14.23.23 by 2943Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 14.23.55 by 2943

:iconreakuma: wins free painting~~
i will choose the remaining winners at random (up to 3 people who have commented with their requests will receive free (probably b/w) paintings as well) C:
i will post a journal with all of the drawings later heheh

also, come join me during a livestream in the future if you want to make a live request. otherwise, until i figure out what it's gona be like in Japanziez, i dun think i'll be doing anything liek this egen.


Untitled by 2943

idk if i even have watchers right now.
by number i'm nearing 1,000, which is FKCING exciting,
but feels like most of you are absent;;
buh i love you guys.
all you guys. (and girls, if you're offended by me calling you 'guys' when most of you are actually girls... lol;; hi, i love you)
and i've never done this kinda thing before....
i'm liek
fkcing ecstatic right now
i got this scholarship
to go to college
in japan
for 3 years
an' they gon' pay for everythin' holy shat
an' idk the details yet, buh holy fak i got it.

I want to draw for you guys during my last break before I go to Japan and disappear forever lol;; (Actually I might have a lot of time to draw, when I go, depending on how things are C: but for now this is the only chance, really.)

So if you're interested in getting some free art from me, please join~~
It's really easy to get your tix.
Aside from livestreams, this is probably the last chance for you to get free art from me C': <3


1. Favourite this journal <-- will be using the numbers in the list for the raffle #

2. Comment with the character + reference of what you'd like drawn

PRIZES (up to 4 winners!):
1. There will be ONE raffle winner who will receive ONE stupid painting by me C: (don't know if it'll be coloured or not, but you know me, i'm obsessed with B/W shit so don't be disappointed if it looks all emo and shit). IF YOU PREFER, THOUGH, I WILL DO A DIFFERENT STYLE, IF YOU DON'T LIKE MY PAINTING STYLE. LIKE.. IF YOU WANT CG, I CAN DO THAT SHIT, TOO. UP TO YOU. IT'S A PRIZE, SO I WANT YOU TO LIKE IT.

2. I might pick up to 3 more characters with the coolest designs to paint in (probably in B/W) afterwards, depending on how much drawing time I have this winter break C:

RAFFLE DATE: December 13th


That's it. Simple.
But, please, this is for my sexy watchers only, as always.
I don't do free slave labour for strangers. Nope. Never. FUCK THAAAAT.

new watchers are welcome, though C:
Wax by 2943
edit: wow i jus realised the image was way too dark before *edited*
finally finished drawing all 7 warriors~
wax is basically the leader, tho they're all technically equal rank or wtv, coz he's the one who selected them all and gets the direct orders n stuff =u=b
he's actually the main main chara of the story i'm working on, but the story's not actually set during the war, but after, so the 7 warriors are actually jus side charas really, buh i like them too much/developed the shit out of them so yuh...

anyway, here's what else happened during the supah long, long stream [8+ hours holy shit....]:

jensen © me
art © me
dA anniversary stream
holi crap i feel oldddd ffff
taking requests as always~~

pls don't forget to enter my raffle for a chance to win some free art: winter raffle~~ [thru dec. 13th] it's as easy as just faving the journal =u=b
i feel so old, gaiz... 5 years already wthhhh. i've hardly improved at all. esp colouring wtf, i got worse at colouring. wow. got worse at a lot of things rofl;;
i'm also just realising how little i actually drew/draw. not even like a piece per week average. and i've never finished anything LOL;; one day, maybe C:
so many OCs tho lol. so many.

i remember i joined dA because of the-gintamards. started drawing hardcore coz i met momo. i can't believe i'll be going to an art school next tho. art really was just a hobby all along, but slowly transformed into my greatest passion. hopefully i'll improve a lot more soon and get to draw a ton during my first year in Japan.

many many thanks to my beautiful watchers QuQ <3 *cough*plsjointheraffle*cough*
i wonder if any watchers have followed me thru this whole time nomm

see all timeline highlights here:

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2014:06:13 by 2943
This month:
2014:11:25 by 2943

Tears by 2943
yesterday lol so bad //gaveup:
2014:11:28 by 2943
Wax by 2943


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must improve must improve.

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staaph negative yourself, omfg. 
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you are most welcome your art is amazing <3 thank you for the Llama I really appreciate it!
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